Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Once again Technology in the classroom has been proven to be a valuable and manageable tool for teachers and students because of the way it allows the students to work either individually or on a team in order to create multimedia projects with the use of video technology. The following URL web link has the three videos in which I have watched in order to gain an understanding of how the use of Technolgy has enhanced students learning ability.

Within the link, I have chosen to look at the first three videos because they were the winners.
  1. Hightower High School - 11th grade - Digitize
  2. Eastview Middle School - 8th grade - Eastview Middle School
  3. Dryden Elementary School - 5th grade - Dryden Elementary School
Each winner shows the importance of how using the tools in the 21st century would allow them to appy the skills in todays technological society.